The fabric of any community is made up of its architecture, neighborhoods, schools, worship, and workplaces – all woven together by the people who live there.
Finding the house you can proudly call home within that community should be a deliberate and delightful process through which you discover the one that best reflects your lifestyle, life stage, finances, design tastes, and dreams for the future.
With Washington, DC’s wonderful – yet sometimes overwhelming – diversity of homes and neighborhoods, both first-time and experienced home-buyers will affirm that having a guide facilitates, expedites, and enhances the process. For over seventeen years, Jason Townsend has been successfully guiding people in the DC area through the home buying and selling process with not only professional and personal expertise, insights, and knowledge about each unique neighborhood in the DC area but also patience and, humor.
As the triple entendre of our name suggests, our goal is to build capital (superior) communities through the care-full process of capital (financial) real estate investments in the capital of the USA.


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