Jason Townsend

jason-townsend_colorCreating a real estate sales team that focuses on results but also relationships has a lot of moving parts. In real estate, the tendency and mindset is to focus on being a sales person. It is what most agents do best based on their personalities, their interest and their talents.

But there is a business-side to the business as well that is crucial to understand, develop and sustain if the sales and service are to be done at a high level and consistently over time.

Jason serves CCP as the CEO and as the Senior Sales Agent. Navigating clients through the different stages of a sale or purchase, networking with agents to stay on top of the market and opportunities for clients, negotiating with agents for our buyers and sellers, leading the charge in the preparation and marketing of CCP listings, ensuring good customer service through our operations, systems and administration, keeping in touch/interacting with our clients and community and supporting/supervising his teammates are Jason’s primary roles.

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